Potential Career Paths With a Master of Arts Degree

Master of arts degrees are available in a wide variety of fields. Typically, one earns this kind of graduate degree in the same area as their bachelor’s degree, but this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Let’s take a look at the potential career paths you have if you’re interested in a master of arts degree.

Master of Arts Specializations

As opposed to a master of science degree, master of arts degrees typically focus on areas such as a social sciences, language, humanities, fine arts, education, and nursing. They’re typically a mixture of theory and practical learning, with a learn toward theory in many cases. Every degree program is different.

Possibilities After You Graduate

With a master of arts, you typically have two main choices after graduation: go on to work in your field in a more practical or clinical sense or continue on with your education to earn a PhD or other doctorate degree. PhD graduates typically work in research or education rather than as a practitioner, though it depends on your field and your ultimate career goals.

Switching Careers

Once you earn a bachelor’s degree, you might feel as though you made the wrong choice in terms of your career. In some cases, you can earn you master’s degree in a different area in order to switch careers and work in a field you really enjoy. This is most common when the fields are related. For example, maybe your bachelor’s degree was in history, but you decide to get a master of arts in education, which allows you to get a teaching certificate and work as a high school history teacher. Some types of careers allow more easily for this transition than others.

Leadership Roles

No matter what your field, after you graduate with a master’s degree in education, you’ll be qualified to work in leadership roles within your field, since your advanced education makes you more knowledgeable about a topic than those with just a bachelor’s degree. You could work as a shift supervisor or even take on advanced roles in your company, depending on the type of work you do. In any case, a master of arts typically leads to more responsibilities at work, no matter where you’re employed.

Online M.A. & Other Master's Degrees

Liberty University You can choose from 23 master's degree programs and more than 40 different specializations at Liberty University. Degree programs include: Business, Counseling, Education, Nursing, Public Health, Public Policy, Seminary, and Ethnomusicology. All of the programs are taught in a flexible and convenient online format from a Christian worldview.
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Walden University If you are looking for an online master's degree program, Walden University offers more than 30 programs with more than 145 specializations. Career areas include: Psychology, Criminal Justice, Education, Nursing, Information Systems, Management, and Public Policy. Its programs are developed by leading industry experts and are taught by respected faculty.
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Ashford University Technology changes everything® Now school comes to you, making earning your college degree a real possibility. Experience a new way of learning through the innovative online experience at Ashford University. Earn the Associate’s, Bachelor’s, or Master’s degree you’ve always wanted. Knowledge is everywhere, for everyone.
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Boston University If you are looking for an online master's degree program, Boston University offers 8 programs including: Art Education, Criminal Justice, Music, IT, Health, Business, Engineering, and Social Work. These programs provide students with an in-depth theoretical foundation as well as strategies for meeting the challenges of today's marketplace.
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Kaplan University Kaplan University has 9 different schools that each offer several online master's degree programs including: Arts & Sciences, Business, Concord Law, Criminal Justice, Education, Health Sciences, Legal Studies, Nursing, and Technology. The programs foster student learning with opportunities to launch, enhance, or change careers. Kaplan is committed to general education with a student-centered approach.
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Saint Joseph's University Saint Joseph's University, a well-respected leader in today's competitive environment, has crafted online programs whose curriculum maintains a place in the field. These degrees offer a career-oriented exploration so students come away with skills and knowledge they can utilize in daily tasks and responsibility.
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Northcentral University Northcentral University has several Master's degrees available through online courses with inexpensive tuition and financial aid available for those who qualify. The programs span many industries that are currently experiencing growth and need for skilled professionals for high-level positions, like Psychologists, Directors of Marketing, Business Administrators, Criminal Justice officials, or even Teachers.
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Benedictine University Benedictine University offers online master's degree programs in Health Care, Business, Organizational Management, and Education along with Graduate Certificates. This academic community is committed to liberal arts and professional education that is distinguished and guided by a Roman Catholic tradition. Students are prepared for a lifetime as active, informed and responsible citizens.
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